How can I forget you haha?

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Hey buddy! How can I forget you haha?! What's the grind like today? Overall you probably have to grind considerably less today to RuneScape gold achieve a 99, RuneScape has became a marginally different and simpler game with coaching approaches that give better exp, daily challenges, exp boosts and lots of tasks that provide bonus exp.

What's the effect of inflation been and just how challenging is that the moneymaking process from scratch? Pretty much all of the items which you remember from when you played with are now much cheaper no matter course rares; there are higher tier items now that replace the older super costly items: Drygores, Ascension, Seismic and Nox.

Earning money is not too difficult, once you get enough to purchase decent bossing equipment it becomes super simple to make money. Bosses such as the QBD aren't too difficult to kill and are good money/hour, and you can always camp the classic money monsters such as Frost Dragons for example. Is there still a people for a lot of the activities?

For some yes, then you have to be more specific though in the event you want me to give you a better answer. Where do you suggest I start if I were to get started? Well if you are starting from 0 in terms of cash first you should probably ask me for a cash lend to buy some basic gear, and then you should begin with Slayer to earn bank. :P

I've learned about purchasing membership with ingame currency, what is this like? Is it effortless to care or not and what is the price like? Usually its steady around 5.8-6M per Bond (essentially 6M per 14 days of membership), but Bonds are moving up buy OSRS gold the past couple days are now worth 7Mish. The precise reason why this is occurring escapes me at the moment however, it's something to do with a few update, if you inquire in the talks I'm sure someone will provide you a better answer. It is just temporary I believe so shouldn't be much of a problem.