NBA 2K21 VS NBA 2K20 - The Good Parts Of NBA 2K21

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NBA 2K21 VS NBA 2K20 - The Good Parts Of NBA 2K21

1. The degree of mental retardation of AI decreased significantly. No matter the AI of our own side or the other side has obviously improved a lot, let's say one point - defense and supplementary defense. In the 20th period, our own AI had almost no supplementary defense. "If you lose, you lose. If our AI can reach out to stop, pounce and try to cover, I lose.". On the 21st, although some of the guards of the computer side broke through the layup, it was a bit too disobeying, but somehow our AI knew that we had changed the guard to make up the position, knew that we had reached for a block under the basket, even if the other side still entered, but the impression was too much better (that feeling was - "I defend in place, I didn't defend, I recognized") If you need to buy NBA 2K21 MT, head over to the safe online store



2. The rocker operation is relatively fixed. In the 20 operation, I feel quite fascinated by the dribble rocker. Although there is a general rule, the operation feeling of playing is still a feeling of "shaking is shaking, but what action can be made depends on the sky". All the actions are too random. At 21, fortunately, the rocker has almost complete control orientation, which direction to push the right rocker has a relatively fixed dribble action, which is very convenient in operation


3. Some of the players have finally been updated. I don't talk about the so-called next generation (ps5, new Xbox). After all, I just read two previews before I played. Only 21 on the PS4, finally, finally, some of the active players face patch finally ushered in the update, and the skin texture has also changed. For example, about fat is not a rubber dummy that has lasted for several generations. Finally, his face looks like a real face. There are still many people in similar situations. The change of face has finally changed to a situation that may be relatively better. Moreover, from the limb model, it seems that compared with the big head model of the previous two generations, the limbs are slightly more coordinated. Of course, the focus of face to face replacement is still on the active players, you know the historical players, or the same


4. The collision volume and operation fluency were significantly improved. In addition to the right rocker operation mentioned above, I also feel that the physical contact (collision volume) and operation fluency of 21 are obviously improved. For example, the dribble handle at the offensive end and the problem of dropping the ball, my personal impression is that it is much better than 20 (at least I haven't lost the ball like 20 so far). The fluency and flexibility of dribbling breakthrough are also obvious, and I feel that the authenticity is better. Some of the delay in the defensive end is better than 20, and then the fluency of the defensive operation is also improved. It's impossible to defend, but the operation of defense is a lot more comfortable. It's not like on the 20's. sometimes, people just want to fine tune, and then they can't go far


5. The real sense of character action is improved. For example, slamming, layup, dribbling, moving and other actions, 21 is also obviously optimized. I don't know if it is compared. Compared with reality, it is obviously enhanced. In fact, there is no improvement in the actual operation, but the viewing experience is improved.


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