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A startup out of Norway aspires to bring the world of shared resource util


A startup out of Norway aspires to bring the world of shared resource utilization to your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Uber, Airbnb, Task Rabbit, and similar sharing innovations are prime examples of shared services that seek to optimize and streamline resource utilization while minimizing economic and environmental impacts, both for individuals and society at large.

From a traditional economic perspective, one might think of buying a car when looking to accommodate transport necessity, similarly, one might invest in a drill machine merely to periodically hang a photo on the wall. The Sharing Economy is an economic model that focuses on sharing existing resources rather than every person buying resources every time.

For example, if you need a large kitchen setup for a one-time occasion or only once in a while, you do not need to spend a fortune to set up a big, well-equipped kitchen. You can simply rent in a shared kitchen/ commercial kitchen for rent located near you, for a fraction of the cost. You can consider looking for a China kitchen, Thai kitchen, Italian kitchen, Asian kitchen, and many more such shared kitchens near you and rent it instead of looking to set up a whole kitchen for occasional use. Imaginedream kitchen , the time, and the management hassle you can save!

Sharing takes place between peers who are linked via an online network, normally in exchange for a relatively small fee.

You can conveniently search online for car sharing, tent rentals, party rentals, studio space for rent, shared office space, banana boat ride, apartments, or any shared services like a hand car wash, yoga training services, supreme lending services, etc. and find your match. But it's best if you can find all of these services listed under one directory, like, a crowdsourced, review-based, shared service online hub startup out of Norway, pledges to provide-

a directory of sharing economy apps and websites from around the world, eventually reaching every corner of the globe.

an accumulated user reviews and testimonies for offered service providers to help guide users towards optimum efficiency and reliability.

a multitude of obscure and/or region-specific sharing services.

However, convenience and cost-effectiveness notwithstanding, with every innovation, new considerations may arise. While on the go, for instance, every country and every locality may have rules and considerations which are unique to that region. the ultimate sharing economy aggregate; a one-stop online hub to find all the resources to fit your needs, whether it be at home or abroad.

At first-of-its-kind shared economy directory, shared resources both global and local, are available for perusing while also providing authentic reviews with which potential users may verify the quality and regional efficiency of services.

No more need for endless searching. Let be your friendly guide.